Personal Statement On Communication Skills

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Many people are not aware of the communication skills that they lack, most will argue that they have perfect communication skills. Taking interpersonal communication has taught me that my skills are very poor. I walked in thinking there was nothing I can learn about communication and realized that I know little to nothing about communication. Since starting this class I’ve narrowed the skills I need to work on to the following four which includes listening, being more supportive and active, understanding, and improving my self concept. Although all four of these skills are something I can improve I think listening is my main problem. When I think of listening I relate it to just hearing the message. I do not follow the process of listening that was taught in my communication class. Rather than receiving, recalling, rating, and responding, I often hear and skip right to responding. I do believe that because I don’t follow all the steps I forget easily or do not understand things completely, which leads to me either questioning later, or just winging it. I also realized that I have selective listening, because of lack of interest in some conversations I often block out part of the conversation, or lose focus and zone out until the end of the conversation. By then I know little of what was talked about and only respond to what I think is most important to me. Another bad habit I have when it comes to listening is my responding habits, I’m not sure how to respond to most
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