Inspiration : The F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Inspiration: The F. Scott Fitzgerald Edition TJ Low English III 420 Johnson 22 April, 2015 Diversity. Charisma. Money. Inspiration. Beginning his career at the turn of the Roaring Twenties immensely aided his profound writing career. With risqué fashion and decadent young lifestyles fueled by newfound electricity, the 1920’s Jazz Age was the place to be. A young man and woman’s game, revolutionary new music and visual art deco spun the traditions of the 19th century around, creating the Modern Era. Brought up in a relatively affluent family with no living siblings, Francis Scott Fitzgerald began his writing before he was born. Named in part after his second cousin, thrice removed distant relative Francis Scott Key (writer of America’s national anthem), Fitzgerald became equally as famous in his paramount years. Fitzgerald 's wealthy background and sporadic youth assisted him in becoming a true modern-day writer. In tandem with the new, young cultural era of the Roaring Twenties and his unique upbringing truly separates his work from the rest. Just before a new century on September 24th, 1896, a writer was born. According to Fitzgerald himself, he had already begun his career some three months prior (Scribner 184). Francis Scott Fitzgerald was intended to be a third child, but was an only child by the time of his birth. Named in part after his second cousin, thrice removed, Francis Scott Key (father’s side) and in part after his older sister Louise Scott
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