Institutionalization Of Social Movement Analysis

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Q-1: In general, institutionalization portrays a repeated set of procedures and relationships wherein the raising of a political issue becomes routine and repeatable while maintaining minimum uncertainty and risk. The institutionalization of protests as Meyers describes sees activists promoting mechanisms that will allow them to interact with government in such a routine way that will enable a fundamental change for a social movement and the government they influence (Meyers 177). Meyers outlines six typical mechanisms used through the institutionalization of protest in the U.S. One typical mechanism has to do with policymakers offering a meeting with representatives of a particular social movement. This is a great way to inject either energy…show more content…
This is quite useful for politicians with regards to particularly challenging social movements. Additionally, the government can issue procedures that will give a particular actor official presence in a deliberative process with the right to speak at hearings and the like. A fifth mechanism has to do with policy reform as it affords protestors a place to address concerns and hold a place in the process and resources connected to that reform. Lastly but no less important, institutionalization involves norms and values that influence a broader culture outside governmental organizations. This translates into politicians paying lip service to concerns that come about from social movements which can help transform public opinion on a certain topic. Meyer mentions that the availability of institutionalization of a social movement by government “fundamentally alters the character of government over time” (Meyer…show more content…
They employ numerous tactics of disruptive collective actions targeting the authorities in trying to obtain their goal of suffrage. At first, they organize a parade where they demonstrate for the right to an amendment to the constitution. They also organize a 24/7 stand of sentinel outside of the White House carrying signs that moved for the right to an amendment. Even after Wilson declares war, the volunteers stay out as sentinels and soon organize a picket line as they carry signs that advertise “Kaiser Wilson” not practicing what he preaches as 20,000,000 women were not part of the governing process or having the right to democracy. Numerous arrests occurred as the women were imprisoned for “disturbing traffic” meanwhile the film shows the women actively resisting arrest. Eventually, Alice Paul is arrested for the same charge and throws a shoe out a window in the prison as a protest to the lack of clean and breathable air in the sewing workshop. She also goes on to silently protest through a hunger strike for the unconstitutionality of their arrests and for the women’s suffrage movement. Soon, the rest of the women who were arrested in their organization follow
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