Instrumentation For Electrophysiology Case Study Report

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Instrumentation for Electrophysiology Case Study Report
EE312: Instrumentation & Microcontrollers

University of Strathclyde EEE Department

Name: Vladislav Morgen Degree: 3rd Year Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Registration Number: 201205937


This reports looks into the measurement techniques used in electrophysiology (patch clamp in particular) and how those developed over the years. The difference between the intracellular (inside the cell) and extracellular (outside the cell) measurements is highlighted and the examples of each are given. The technology used to make the measurements is examined (including the commercial examples of Q-Patch and IonFlux) and a microcontroller implementation is suggested. A microcontroller can be used to amplify the signal and measure the current and capacitance of the equivalent circuit to reduce the computational workload on the computer or it can simply be used as a signal generator. The current research in the electrophysiology and the electrophysiology measurement field was also looked at (using High Density Surface EMG for more applications, using EMG and NIRS together to help diagnose and monitor Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in children).
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