Gummy Bear Report

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The purpose of this experiment is to conduct what happens to gummy bears when we put them into different liquids. When we were done we gathered data and saw that the gummy bears ended up with different textures and sizes. There were only some minor differences. For water after a day, the length changed, the width, height, and mass. For salt water only the mass changed, before it was 2.6 and after it was 1.5 grams. The next liquid is sugar water, and for that liquid all the of the data changed. The length was 3 cm before, after it was 3.5 cm. The width of the gummy bear was 3 cm before, after it was 1 cm, and after it was 1.5 The height was 2 cm, and changed to 1 cm. Lastly is the mass, it was 2.6 and the after it changed to 5.1. The

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