Integrated Delivery Systems : The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Integrated Delivery Systems The Affordable Care Act (ACA) strives to improve the quality of the lives of Americans. The most current healthcare policy that endorses the ACA, is the ObamaCare initiative that has received a fair share of both support and criticism. (Hwang, et al. 2013) talks about the “Effects of the integrated delivery system on cost and quality”. According to the authors, most people criticize the American healthcare system because of its complexity, high cost and excessive fragmentation. The same scholars confirm however that the fragmentation and the provision of various services, benefit different people that require healthcare attention. The article focuses on several advantages of the integrated healthcare delivery systems (IDSs) in the United States. Furthermore, the scholars identify existing gaps, which include the various arguments of current health policy experts that have endeavored to discuss health policy issues in America. Americans can also access health care services through virtual technologies, which allow them to have different electronic health record databases. (Hwang, et al. 2013) uses relevant materials from peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles to describe the fluctuating nature of healthcare service delivery in America. Conclusively, the authors agree that the virtual systems create room for accountability, academic research in healthcare and efficient service delivery. Summary (Hwang, et al. 2013) used 21 peer-reviewed and

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