Integrating An Individualistic Person Into A Team Player Essay

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Integrating an Individualistic Person into a Team Player It’s almost impossible to avoid group projects or team activities in today’s society. Most people have been a part of a team. Nearly everyone has had to complete a group project for a class. Now within these situations, many have experienced one person in the group that did not contribute to the project or team and there was another person who took over the entire project and wanted to do everything on the team. The many consequences of this is the disruption of team cohesion and holding the team back, inhibiting them from completing the task at hand. This can definitely transfer over to the workplace. This is the cause of an individualistic attitude. You can find them giving excuses for why they do not work in teams or be in a group for their work, they can say “I do not work well with others,” “I am too busy to meet with a team,” “I do not want to be stuck with a procrastinator,” and “I’ll wind up doing all the work anyway.” Although these are very undesirable circumstances the point of working in a team is to be effective and efficient. Managers are searching for quality and quantity as a result of and employees work and they believe working in a group or within a team will generate quality work at a faster pace. Now if an employee were demonstrating such behavior, the organization must handle it at once and not allow it to happen
There are many reasons why teamwork is more effective than working

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