Integration of Boys and Girls in Education

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Nowadays, there have been heated debates around the world about integration of girls with boys in education. As a matter of fact, many countries seek to separate them, while others seek to integrate them. A recent statistic has confirmed that girls in mixed schools are more prone to anxiety, depression and suicide than girls who study in separate schools. Also, girls who study in separate classes are superior and successful in their study. Some people think boys and girls should integrate anyway, and others believe that they should separate. In my perspective, I strongly disagree with integration of girls and boys in education in Saudi Arabia for two reasons: it affects negatively on academic achievement and leads to illicit relationships between them.
The first reason is that when girls and boys study in the same schools, that will negatively affect their academic achievement. Students in the same sex school pay more attention to their study and homework. When they study in the same class, they think frequently about how to attract the attention of opposite sex. In addition, they seek to build romantic relationships and date each other rather than study. For instance, if teenagers are dating and they have problem in their relationship, they might spend more time thinking about their problems. Consequently, that will affect negatively on their academic achievement. According to my own experience, my friend's academic level decreased when she moved to a mixed school after she

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