Gender Equality In Schools

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Gender Parity in Schools
Gender equality in schools has been a controversial issue over the years. In these two articles, "The Daily Grind: Lessons in the Hidden Curriculum" of Peggy Orenstein, and "Boys Here, Girls There: Sure, if Equality's the Goal" of Karen Stabiner, both writers give an in-depth reality into the contentious issues that exist between boys and girls. Although they bear some superficial similarities in discussing gender parity problem in education, the differences between Orenstein and Stabiner are the target audience, the rhetorical choices, and their opinion on the gender equality issue.
The authors of two articles aim to discuss about gender difference that exist between the boys and the girls in depth, of course, from their own perspectives. Similarly, Orenstein and Stabiner both explore the norms and beliefs that exist in classroom through subjects, like math. Stabiner indicated in her article, brain research has shown us that girls and boys develop and process information in different ways, and they do not even use the same region of the brain when they do their math homework (Stabiner 328). According to the observations of Orenstein, the performance in math class between Amy and other people is very distinct. Boys often lead and dominate classroom discussions. They raise their hands more often to answer questions than girls. However, though Amy is a bold and brassy when getting along with her peers, she performs quite nervous in the class. In
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