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Introduction Soldiers win the battle and intelligence wins the war. Understanding and utilizing all available intelligence assets is the key to victory. To inform commanders the threat of the enemy information is gathered vetted and analyzed. Every facet of the intelligence process needs to be scrutinized with oversight to determine shortfalls then revised for a more comprehensive method. The media or public sentiment must not be swayed intelligence process. Intelligence needs the be the raw facts derived from assumptions and gaps of known information. At the same time intelligence needs to stay vigilant to avoid complacency in the battlefield. The intelligence community needs to collaborate to share critical data as well improve …show more content…

Also, because of the US air campaign against the North’s infrastructure had a detrimental effect on their economy. The North could no longer continue their operation and must decisively defeat the South. A final offensive that would place fear in the South Vietnamese people causing them to rise up and revolt against their own government to end their suffering over the past several years. In preparation for the final offensive, General Thái needed full support from the North Vietnamese officials. Opposing Party officials did not believe that a military stance would unite the country and put the Communist party in charge. Only through negotiations and shared policies can that end this war. General Thái perceived this a threat to his motives and had those Party officials removed from power which finally won him the approval he needed to carry out the final offensive. General Thái would raise a combined force of Viet Cong (VC) and NVA that totaled “… 323,000 men and organized into nine divisions composed of 35 Infantry and 20 Artillery or Anti-aircraft artillery regiments, which were, in turn, composed of 230 infantry and six sapper battalions.” During the last quarter of 1967, weapons and supplies were being massed and staged along critical lines of communications. To increase his odds of victory, General Thái would distract the US and Vietnamese coalition by conducting attacks in the border regions so that the

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