Inter-Professional Learning Reflection on Group Process

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AHP -3-503 -Inter-professional Learning Reflection on group process Reflection summary Following completion of the above unit, I reflected on the group process (comprising 10 members of students from various allied health professions), considering my role in the group, how I related to others and the group in relation to the relevant theory. I have written this reflection using John’s Model For Structured Reflection (2000). Looking in During this unit, each group was given a task to design a campaign to raise awareness about the allied health professions, to be pitched at those who were in primary and secondary education and also to graduates. This was then to be presented to some of the other groups at the end of the unit.…show more content…
I think this was true of our group, as there was a considerable amount of work to get through in the time we had and therefore, splitting into smaller groups worked well from the point of view of getting all the work done. Regarding how I feel about the group’s performance in relation to the task, I think it made demands of us all to work hard and contribute as it felt as if we all wanted to perform well. As the members got to know individual’s strengths and abilities, the confidence and momentum of the group developed. As De Dreu & Beersma (2010) assert, when group members feel confident about their group’s abilities they are more likely to create a positive group climate that facilitates constructive collaboration and coordination leading to shared decision making. This became more evident as the week went by and each member got to know each other better. In application of this to a real-life setting, De Dreu and Beersma (2010) maintain that shared decision-making is essential to ensure the highest quality of care for patients. Thinking about my role in the group, having previously completed a questionnaire regarding Belbin’s (1981) team roles, I was aware of some of my own perceptions of how I functioned within a group. When I completed the questionnaire nearly a year before, I scored myself to have the strongest roles as coordinator, originator and resource investigator, which I partly
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