Interior Design At The Present Time

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This essay aims to look at ethics within interior design at the present time. I will research the most common ethics related to interior design and gather information from different research methods


The three main research methods used to gather information on Ethics within interior design at the present time was a literature review, looking into the main ethics within interior design currently, The second research method was a survey that looked at the consumers thoughts on these ethics, asking them about there knowledge of Environmentally friendly alternatives and there own choices for there homes The third research method used was a case study of a construction project in Seattle, where architecture firm Case Design, designed and built two ECO friendly homes. It looks at the environmentally friendly features used and also the benefits that these ECO homes had to the local area.

Literature review:

One of the research methods used was a literature review looking into ethics within interior design. It will look at the main ethics at the present time. When researching into the main ethics in current design the main topic found was sustainable and environmentally friendly design. There were many articles talking about the need for sustainable design but also the need for a fare trade of these sustainable materials.

When looking into the ecological side of ethics in design the first article, named Ethical House, was written by Reid

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