Interior Housing-Side Rooms

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Interior Housing-Side Rooms
By examining the use of side rooms, in houses located at Çatal Höyük, normal day to day life of a Neolithic village can be witnessed along with the use of an egalitarian social order. Side rooms are rooms connected to the central area of the house, usually smaller and in varying numbers. As Hodder explains, the smaller rooms are used for a variety of tasks that include stockpiling of resources, preparing of food, and other stay-at-home affairs (2006: 110). The stockpiling of resources, which could range anywhere from food to clothing, gives the indication of an egalitarian society due to 2 ideas. The first idea is that since all buildings within Çatal Höyük had side rooms, it therefore theorizes that most if not all the
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Archaeologists can then make use of these found remains and form a picture of what normal activities a person of the past conducted in day to day living. The side rooms are also used for other at home affairs, such as weaving of floor mats and other products made of organic material. Through the making and use of matting, a daily life hierarchy of space within the homes (Hodder 2006: 119). While it is rare to find the original matting, due to organic deterioration over time, the impressions of matting found on the floor is what is observed. The floor covering impressions range from roughly to elegantly made to no impressions as all due to the use of storage items, like a bin, or through the use of a tray like board (Hodder 2006: 119). Matting used in the home allows archaeologists to imply where areas of space was used the most extensively, and for what perinatal purpose, in day to day living. For example, an elegantly made floor mat impression suggests that it was either used for religious purposes or placed in the central room where it would have been viewed publicly. The floor mat would not have been used in the side rooms specified for storage due to the possibility of destruction of the
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