Essay on Intermediate Sanctions And Shock Probation

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Community correction is a term that refers to everything ranging from diversion before the trial to the punishments that follows after the trial. This refers to any way ranging to non imprisonment yet supervised ways used to deal with criminal offenders who are facing conviction or who has been convicted. (Beck et al., 2001). Probation as well as parole are the two most commonly way of dealing with the offenders though there are many ways such as being confined at home, electronic surveillance, day fines, community service shock probation and residential community supervision to mention but a few. The following are some of the intermediate sanction actions in the criminal corrections:

Shock Probation Shock probation is a punishment
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(Beck et al., 2001).

The use of shock probation in America lies between two philosophies: classical and positivist. The classical believes that the criminals choose their actions therefore there is a need for them to be punished in order to prevent future offenses. On the other hand, the positivists believe that the offenders committed the offense without their own will and therefore the conditions that led to the offense should be corrected in order to rehabilitate the offender. In addition, the acts of the legislature and the sentiments of the public dictate the application of the probation. (Cripe and Clair, 1997). Therefore, this leaves the universal applications and methods of application of the probation not to be available. This leaves the philosophies to have evolved and moved into the 21st century. The above factors therefore lead to inconsistency in the application of probation in that the application of probation lies in the hands of few selected individuals such as the prosecutor and the judicial system. (Cripe and Clair, 1997).

Intensive supervision

Intensive supervision is the commonly used community based correction program in the US. This is whereby the offender is put under intensive supervision than other types of the supervision but does not lock the offenders in prison. This type of correction is used to give the judge a new option other than the too harsh jail sentence or the too light probation
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