Internal Analysis Of Shoprite U-Save

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Internal analysis in order to be successful Shoprite U-Save conduct a SWOT analysis where the HRM department must know to what extent its current structure,systems and processes support the effective functioning of the organisation.According to (Mello,2006;Bratton&Gold,2007) the company must consider changing the performance management system if workers are not rewarded for superior performance.
HR strategy for processes,systems and activities indicates how the HR department intends to take care of weakness and threats and capitalise on strengths and opportunities. Each HR function that is HR planning, recruitment, selection performance management, training and development, compensation, labour relations will have to be re-evaluated in terms of its effectiveness in supporting the goal of the company (Mello,2006;Bratton &Gold,2007)
Implementation and evaluation of the HR strategy
After the HR strategies have been implemented, the HRM department should evaluate their success,if the strategy does not …show more content…

Mr Modise defined flexibility as the ability to adapt to change which can be any type of flexibility such as flexible work schedule s or alternative employment contracts part-time or temporary.Flexibility can be internal or external suitability and external suitability is the ability of an employer to call in flexible workers from outside the organisation.Short-term employment relationship is initiated with these workers and can be easily terminated and the two common examples are temporary workers employed by temporary work agencies and employees on temporary or fixed-term contracts without the prospect of a regular employment contract.Other examples include subcontractors,stand-by employees and temporary

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