Internal Conflict In Flannery O Connor's Girl At War

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arriving at the roadblock, soldiers stop the Juric family and demanded papers. It’s a moment that we see the family somehow together again. The last was hours before, while giving away their daughter. In the midst of the Yugoslavian war, Serbia and Croatia were not on similar turfs. So they were demanded to move from the vehicle and were marched into the forest, as armed soldiers pointed guns to their heads. The minutes they marched to their graves were fragile seconds. It was in the following minutes that Ana watched her parents fall into the pit of their death and through her father’s quick instincts, he was able to save her, by faking her death. As stated before, this a crucial moment that strips a young child of her childhood and most importantly her parents. It’s examined by Ana so many times due to her psychological belief that those deaths were a result of her delaying their route. The premise of what could she have done question haunts…show more content…
In reality, the outcomes were not on her, but reflected on the ruthless demeanor of the Serbs. Those forests, the fall of her youth are what creates her internal conflict. As Novic states, in the title, Girl at War perfectly titles the aftermath of war and the conflicts it inflicts. Most of it is directed at Anna’s conflicts. After she watched the fall of her parents, the light which once glowed inside ten year old Ana turned into darkness. It’s at that moment we saw the innocence that was forcefully striped from her. In part, she would never be able to completely retrieve it. After she runs through the forest, she was encountered with a farm. There a woman took her in and those days represent the
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