Internal Scars Of A Child

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Internal Scars of a child CVVS 2113 Justinn Nayfa 30 October 2015 A girl was getting ready for school. She was not looking forward to walking into the living room, because her father would be there waiting. He was always sitting in his chair watching television. She tried every morning to not go into the living room and to sneak past him, but each morning he would see her and nightmare would start. He did not hit her, in fact he never touched her. His words where his weapons and the cut her like a knife. He would tell her things like school will not help her get any smarter and she should not bother going. He would say he should have left her the same way her dumb mother did. He would threaten to sign away any legal rights to her. He made lots of threats to her such as threating to hit her, not provide food to her or let her leave the house and deny her of visitors. Tears would roll down her face and she would leave the house for school. When she arrived at school she would act like she was fine. This girl did not know that her home experiences are a form of abuse. She thought because he never hit her there was no help for her. This is a hypothetical example of nightmare many children face at know as emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is defined as any act of confinement isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, or other treatment that may diminish sense of self identity, dignity or worth (Tracy). In regards to an educational setting an

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