International Business Midterm Essay

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BSM-414 International Business Management Mid-Term Exam Multiple Choice Questions 1. The term globalism or globalization generally refers to ___d__. a. increasing loyalty to your own country b. global competition characterized by networks that bind countries, institutions, and people. c. competition in an increasingly borderless world d. b and c only 2. Which of the following is correct about measuring globalization: C a. The United States is the most globalized country. b. Globalization is measured using only economic factors. c. Trade, travel, technology, and links with the rest of the world are four comprehensive measures of…show more content…
ethnic strife 14. What kinds of jobs are currently being offshored/outsourced from the United States of America? a. tax processing b. factory, production, assembly line jobs c. high skilled medical analysis, computer programming jobs d. all of the above 15. The U.S is offshoring white-collar computer programming jobs to India because _____. a. Indians are better programmers than Americans b. Indians speak better English than Americans c. Indian programmers cost one-fourth the cost of equivalent American programmers d. all of the above 16. An important aspect of the political environment is the phenomenon of _____ - a driving force behind political instability around the world. a. ethnicity b. government oppression c. fascism d. racism 17. Which of the following best describes nationalization? a. use of locals in management positions b. giving hiring precedence to locals over employees from the company’s headquarters c. government’s gradual and subtle actions against a firm d. forced sale of an MNC’s assets to local buyers 18. _____ occurs when the local government seizes the foreign-owned assets of the MNC and provides inadequate compensation. a. Nationalization b. Expropriation c. Confiscation d. Repatriation 19. Suppose
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