Essay on International Copyright vs. Online Piracy

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Humans create. We sell what we make for profit on this modern marvel of a global market. The times we live in are the golden days of information and technology. As we stride towards better and more efficient computers and software, information becomes easier and easier to obtain. But with this new era of technological advancement comes with something else as well; art. Television shows, music, books, video games, and movies are blooming as media is more recognized on a global scale. However, humans always want something for less of a cost. We go out of our way to get the things we want, and if they are not accessible to us whether because of cost or availability; we find a way to acquire it. The internet has brought upon a revolution of …show more content…

This new function of file sharing was dubbed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing. This allowed users to share files through an app-based network rather than just downloading off a site directly. Napster was eventually shut down after a long drawn out court battle. Many other P2P services followed in Napster’s wake, but were eventually shut down due to easily being tracked by the government. Thus, a new method of piracy was needed, one that boasted anonymity for users. The Pirate Bay answered with Bit Torrents. Bit Torrents allowed users to download from other users, but rather than from just one, bits of a downloaded files are randomly pieced together from thousands of sources. However, The Pirate Bay, unlike other sites, was different. Its servers, as well as the men who founded the site, are Swedish. Sweden’s copyright laws are very lose, especially on content protected by foreign entities. American (as well as other nations’) copyrights don’t stand in Swedish courts. This seemingly untouchable strategy still stands today, as The Pirate Bay is the largest online piracy site in the world. Today, online piracy is a widespread issue. People do so for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is money. Stuff is expensive. Why spend $15 on DVD, when one could pirate hundreds for free? The ability to acquire things freely is fundamentally an un-solvable issue. The next, and the easiest to fix, reason why people pirate online is because of unavailability of certain

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