International Relationship Between China And The United States Essay

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International relationship between China and the United States

2016 is a very sensitive year for China and U.S. relationship. Should China and the United States cooperation or friction became a really important question between the two biggest economic countries in the global market, China is a newly growth young age economic developing country, and the U.S. as the head of the global market for years, two of them check and balance each other, but actually they should be work more compactness. The United States had been interested in China since 1784, at the end of World war II America “kept China from fragmenting and limited foreign exploitation.” (, American and China had an intricacy history which also is a key point of the relationship between this two country. (, As the presidential election underway, China’s relationship with America because a campaign issue for decades, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton indicate their point of view between the relationship with China, Donald Trump now as the newly president of the U.S. who will take over the office on Jan 20 of 2017, some of his positons on the future trades’ plan with China will significantly affect the relationship with China. (uschina). According large among of research, easily shows that China and the U.S. owns many factories and power on the global effect. They both are the permanent member of the United Nations which row a higher level of stands at the United Nations.

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