International Sport Of Choice The Rich And Powerful Essay

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As the international sport of choice the rich and powerful, golf is viewed as a leisure activity and also as a source of economic development as. Golf’s challenges as well as opportunities are difficult. They are almost all the time linked in one. There isn’t lack of strategic challenges to the game’s feasible growth. On one hand, environmental laws as well as regulations are protecting the water sources, thus leading to limiting land and water availability. Similarly, in within the same industry, the game has taken a back seat. It is now second to its investor profits. This is of course is without conceding the real compatibility of the two. And this is where the advantage of sustainable golf development lies obvious. It is rather evident that, all over the world, the consumer’s choices are being directly prompted by ethical as well as environmental issues. Governments too are gaining votes for their policies that are based on resource efficiency, environmental protection and pollution prevention. Water, energy and other essential costs are growing all the time. The media on the other hand, is more than willing to spotlight suggestions of damage or injustice at the push of a button. This being the case locally to globally
The Korean Golf Association is

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