International Students Face Three Principle Challenges

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Paper 2

Nowadays, an increasing number of international students come to the State to pursue higher degrees. International students contribute significantly to the diversity of the campus, as well as helping to increase schools’ funding. However, lots of international students have to experience a tough period in the State, due to culture difference and the language barrier. People might notice that most of the international students are shy and don’t talk too much in the class. But people might not be aware of the kinds of insights thoughts international students possess, along with the lack of confidence with which they struggle. In this paper, I try to summarize and explain the main difficulties faced by
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Third, language barrier can be a huge problem for international students, especially for those whose first language is not English. Although they have learned English for a while and got good scores in TOEFL exams, they still need one or two years to get used to a English-speaking environment. Although most of international students experience similar difficulties, different groups of students face different main problems. Students from totally different political system might experience more severe culture difference, for example, Chinese students. Fan use her own experience to explain how she struggled between “I” and “we”. I honestly understand this difficulty. As he mentioned in the article, “In China, I is always subordinated to We – be it the working class, the Party, the country, or some other collective body” (Shen, P2). I am also a Chinese and educated by Chinese schools for 12 years. In our culture, modest and low-key are very valuable personalities. A person who refers to him or herself with the pronoun “I” can be considered selish and individualistic. However, in the State, people don’t need to hind themselves and can just express themselves. I am surprised about this culture and very excited to embrace this difference. I want to be myself and make my own voice! Not like Fan, although I struggle with this culture difference, I am happy to change. For example, at the beginning, during group discussion, I like to start with “we think”
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