Language Is Not the Only Problem Faced by International Students in the Uk. to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

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Language is not the only problem faced by international students in the UK. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

International students are very important for the economic growth of the UK. Number of international students in UK was about 405,910 in 2009 and in 2010 it increased up to 428,225 (which is about 6%). These students play a very important role in UK’s economy and bring huge income to the country. Shane Spiers, managing director of UNITE says "The UK's higher education sector-and, indeed, the UK economy-rely heavily on the income derived from international students". "As the research from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills called Estimating the value to the UK of Education Experts (June 2011) …show more content…

Most of the students are inexperienced in living away from their home, so this is their first experience in an unfamiliar environment with different culture and traditions, trying to adapt and co-exist with the others. Evidently at the beginning they can face problems such as culture shock and the difficulties in communication. Two general issues are very popular for most of the international students which are finance managing and making/finding/building friendship. This essay will define three very popular problems that international students may face.

Life and education in UK is very expensive and it might be hard for some students to afford it, so they have to borrow large amount of money from their parents or relatives in order to pay for education and life in UK. Students must be very good in managing finances. Comparing cost of products in UK with the cost of products in their home country will be different, so it might be hard for them at the beginning to manage their finances. Mis-allocation of finance can lead to large loss of money and at the end of year students may be left destitute. Apart from this overseas education represents a huge investment by family and students may feel that they have to return this money or at least to make a profit by working in part-time job and limit their expenditures. Students probably may try their best to reduce the pressure on their family. Students will try to concentrate more spend more time looking for work

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