International Trade, Globalization And Market Entry

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Explain the concept of International trade, Globalization and market entry. International trade happens when countries trade goods and services, these kinds of trade gives countries the opportunities to showcase their country and be exposed to other goods and services that are not available in their own country. (Heakal 2017) The Caribbean have been in trade agreement for more than 30 years these agreements have given Caribbean countries the opportunities to do business with different regions to invest and trade with each other. Globalization is the process of increase interconnectedness among countries most notably in the areas of economics, politics and culture where there is free transfer of capital, goods and services across…show more content…
Develop countries seek cheap labor from underdeveloped nations where the laws or legislation don’t protect the citizens, this economic trend have increase the likelihood of economic disruption in the Caribbean. (Globalization disadvantages) 2. Explain the positive and negative implications of International Trade to the Caribbean. One aspect that international trade is that different Caribbean countries are at different development stages in terms of institutions and regulations when compared to developed countries these often block opportunities and investment. Most of these Caribbean countries depend highly on agriculture and tourism market for such good and services are highly competitive. (Making international trade work for the Caribbean) International trade have open many avenues for Caribbean countries for instance many countries buy and sell a variety of products at lower prices and higher quality these goods and services are high in demand. Technology have really evolve business communication which increase
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