The Impact Of Globalization In Ghana

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Globalization is a big part of the world. It is uniting every civilization around the world and allowing for different people to interact. Globalization is occurring in many levels; in a religions level, in a family level, and in a country level. Globalization is happening whether we like it or not. Globalization is allowing countries to interact in different ways that were not possible before. One-way globalization is spreading its wings, as some purist are saying, is by allowing religion adopt new concepts. For example, as Appiah mentioned in his article “The Case for Contamination” the president of Ghana went to Oxford and is a believer in Roman Catholicism, this shows globalization because it shows how such an important person that lives in Ghana was able to go to the United States of America and study at an Ivy league school that allowed him to learn about how the Western civilization lives and acts and he brought that back to Ghana with him and he runs his presidency like that. It also applies to the religion I mention before, he is a believer in Roman Catholicism which at the moment is the most common religion in Ghana, and the second most common in Islam showing that when he acts as president his beliefs are there, and the people who believe in Islam are there too; therefore, they have to compromise in their believes in order to make Ghana a better place for them.
Appiah also shows in his article how religion is a big role in globalization. When he says that he is

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