Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet Censorship Used Around The World Some people wonder who came up with the idea of internet censorship. Other people want to know which countries use it. Some ponder over the idea of what really is internet censorship. Internet censorship is controlling what can be viewed, and which sites can be used on the internet. Some things about internet censorship are countries that use it, and who started the idea of it.
There are lots of countries that use internet censorship. A few of them are China, North Korea, and Russia. China is one of the leaders in using and censoring the internet. They have the biggest internet censorship system on the globe. Their system grew rapidly compared to most of the other countries censorship systems.
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There is only one cyber cafe in North Korea, and it is in Pyongyang, North Korea's capital city. North Korea “built its own custom-built operating system”(Lee), which is named Red Star. It is used on the computers in Pyongyang's cyber cafe. One crazy rule in North Korea is every time Kim Jong Un’s name shows up anywhere on any page on the internet, it has to be programmed on every pages code to be slightly bigger than the rest of the text on that page, “just enough to make it stand out” (Lee). The people of North Korea are “intentionally starved” out of any information except government propaganda (Lee). If you want to buy a computer in North Korea, it will probably cost about “three months of your salary, so people rarely do. They only have one high-speed internet cable while other countries like the United Kingdom, and the United States of America have “dozens” of them, so if one of the links fail we will be able to maintain it. North Korea won't be able to. It is easier for North Korea to control though with only one cable. (Sparks) Other countries like Russia try to use other countries ideas. Russia is trying to “copy” what China is doing with their internet. At first Russia’s internet was mostly free of censorship, but after a large anti-corruption protest in russia that was created through the use of the internet, Vladimir Putin feels that Russia’s internet should be more like China's. In
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