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"We live in an age of scientific triumph. Science has greatly enlarged human knowledge" (Bishop237) and communication. Despite the recent hype, the Internet is not a new phenomenon. Its roots lie in a collection of computers that were linked together in the 1970s to form the US Department of Defense's communications systems. It is a technology that would be invented today if it hadn't been invented in the past because of the world need for high tecnology.
Millions of people worldwide would be using the Internet to share information, make new associations and communicate. Individuals and businesses, from students and journalists, to consultants, programmers and corporate giants are all harnessing
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It would be comprised of ten thousands of interconnected networks spanning the globe. This flood of information is a beautiful thing and it would open the minds of society. With the explosion of the World Wide Web, anyone could publish his or her ideas to the world."Digital technology would open up new worlds of potentail,...for information products and services(Samuelson 315)." Before, in order to be heard one would have to go through publishers who were willing to invest in his ideas to get something put into print. With the arrival of the Internet, anyone who has something to say can be heard by the world. By letting everyone speak their mind, this opens up all new ways of thinking to anyone who is willing to listen. With the invention of the Internet people are " to call up news articles, short stories, photographs,motion pictures,sound recordings and other information any time,day or night,almost anywhere in the world (Samuelson 315)."

One of the "great advantages"of the Internet and a key source of its potienal (Samuelson 316)" would be businesses. Discovering the Internet as the most powerful and cost effective tool in communication, the Net then would provides a faster, more efficient way to benefit colleagues, customers, vendors and business partners as a resource, which would give companies strategic advantages by providing information

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