Internet Service Providers ( Isp )

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Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Definition: it refers to a company that provides Internet services, including personal and business access to the Internet and also to an email, usually for a monthly fee. You need to be connected to an internet service provider and once you have connected to one you will be connected to the internet, without an ISP you cannot connect to the internet.

What is it?

In order to browse the internet you must have access to an internet service provider, this will come at a monthly cost usually. An ISP is a company that offers its monthly subscribers access to the internet. For most people the most important factor of a service provider is the speed of the connection. The slowest of these is dial-up internet service. The inner workings of an ISP vary from company to company, and most companies keep their inner workings a company secret. Types of ISP’s

Some examples of internet service providers are sky and virgin, the prices vary between one another, for sky £14.50 per month or the equivalent of £9.95 if you choose to pay for the service 12 months in advance. Up to 30mb of internet a month for the first year its £180.45 or £7.25 a month.

Web Hosting

Definition: This is the business of supplying server space for storage of Web sites on the Internet, and sometimes the provision of ancillary services such as Web site creation. The domain name, such as, this site is linked to an IP address, this is then linked to a specific

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