Internet Television Vs Cable Television

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Internet TV “Television viewers increasingly watch their favorite shows on their smartphones, tablets, and computers” (pg. 313). There are many entertaining television services on the internet and, “services such as Netflix are supplying content to screens of all kinds by streaming it over the Internet” (pg. 314). For many years, many people have sought joy from watching their favorite television shows to sports programs on Cable Television. They have spent nearly most of their lives watching programs on Cable television. However, since the inception of Netflix and other programs such as Hulu, people have stopped watching Cable and made the switch to begin watching television shows over the internet online on Netflix. Netflix…show more content…
Netflix is a low cost service that will provide people with the TV shows and movies that Cable TV. Many people agree with the fact that they can watch Netflix and take a break from their normal lives. People like that Netflix is more accessible because it is cheap and they are many favorited shows on the website, a thing that cable television does not have, and has not had for years. In conclusion, a reason why Internet Television is taking over Cable Television is because the fact that Cable Television prices are rising and more people are going to Netflix and other programs because of this.

In addition, Internet Television is taking over Cable Television because Internet TV is more modern-day and built for the younger generations. By this, I mean that Netflix and Hulu are more built for teenagers, rather than being built for adults and older generations. Many more teenagers are exposed to Internet Television rather than more adults and older generations being exposed to Cable Television for most of their childhood life. Moreover, it is more accessible for younger generations to access programs such as Netflix because they are apart of the age of the Internet and most old people were never introduced to this method of watching television. Most of the older generations were brought up in the age of the antenna TV, and believe that basic tv is all that they need to thrive in life. They think that they do not need to have
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