Netflix Case Study

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The following is a case study of Netflix, Inc. an American-based company that provides the streaming of online media to consumers in North America, South America, and parts of Europe. This case study will provide a brief overview of the company’s history along with four present-day challenges that the company will face as it tries to stay ahead of the competition. In its discussion of the present-day challenges that Netflix, Inc. faces the discussion will also relate the proposed challenges to the managerial challenges of globalization, diversity, and ethics. After each of the four anticipated challenges have been addressed then this paper will provide an analysis of the steps that Netflix, Inc. has already taken to keep the
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For Netflix, Inc. the major focus of this challenge would be staying ahead of the technology curve. Researchers for the organization must always keep an eye out for innovative technologies that are emerging in the consumer market. It may even be wise for the organization to research various companies that are on the verge of launching new media devices so that a contract can be made prior to the introduction of the product. For example, currently there is no specific device developed to allow the streaming of online media in the backseat of a car. If a company were to develop such a device then it would be beneficial for Netflix, Inc. to go into contract with that company so that its media-streaming service could be accessed from the car.
Growing competition as a challenge represents the various companies that are now entering the market of online media-streaming. Companies such as HBO, Amazon, Google, and Hulu Plus have all began to offer media-streaming on the same electronic devices as Netflix, Inc. Currently Netflix, Inc. remains in the lead amongst its competitors; however, there is no guarantee that this advancement is a permanent one. It is inevitable that emerging companies will come up with creative ideas to gain the competitive edge and receive more consumers. For example, has “amplified
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