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Internet And E Business


Understanding the scope of E Business

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Internet And E Business

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I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me, for I have completed my assignment on Internet and E business effectively and moreover on time. I am equally grateful to my teacher Mrs Fayza Firoz. She gave me moral support and guided me in different matters regarding the topic. She had been very kind and patient while suggesting me the outlines of this assignment and correcting my doubts. I thank her for her overall supports. …show more content…

A simple intranet consists of an internal email system and perhaps a message board service. More sophisticated intranets include Web sites and databases containing company news, forms, and personnel information. Besides email and groupware applications, an intranet generally incorporates internal Web sites, documents, and or databases. The business value of intranet solutions is generally accepted in larger corporations, but their worth has proven very difficult to quantify in terms of time saved or return on investment.

An extranet is a computer network that allows controlled access from the outside for specific business or educational purposes. Typically a company extranet is used for people to connect to the company to conduct any number of tasks behind a password protected area. A common application of an extranet is a partner area where partners and resellers can download sales resources such as graphics and content to aid in the sales process. Sometimes referred to as a portal, an extranet can also be used to service clients who need support for products and services purchased from the organization. An enterprise level extranet application can be built upon most technology available today, including dot net, asp, php, html, and other systems. Extranets are extensions to, or segments of, private intranet networks that have been built in many corporations for information sharing and ecommerce. Most extranets use the Internet as the entry point for

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