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Internship Report by Nigel Ng Ding Xun (BIT)

I am Nigel Ng Ding Xun from Business Information Technology. During the ending of my second year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I had to go through what may be the toughest thing I faced during my time studying in Ngee Ann. Internship. I was placed in the company Lau Chin Huat & Co.

Lau Chin Huat & Co. is a firm of certified public accountants. In the company, there are a total of three different departments. The IT department, the Accounts department, and the Audit department. The head of the IT department is my supervisor, Mr Anthony Lum. He is the one that handles any of the IT problems faced in the company. Staffs in the company often treat him as the ‘boss’, as Mr Lau is not in the
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Until that day where one of my colleagues asked me whether I would like to join them for lunch. That really made my day. Till now, I could still clearly remember that situation and how elated I felt at that time. That made me realized how important it is to have friends in life.

Though the working environment may be small, but everyone in the company is very bonded. We share everything with each other, and we treat each other as our own siblings. Although it sounds as though we will play around in the company, but when it comes to work, we put our heart and soul into producing efficient and quality work.

During my first few weeks at Lau Chin Huat, I faced many problems/difficulties. To start it off, I admit that I was not happy at all being posted here. The travelling distance from my house to Lau Chin Huat was a long journey, I had the lowest pay amongst all my friends, and worst of all, I had to work on Saturdays. Being a comparative person, after I was told by my friends that my posting was the worst amongst all of them, I was really unhappy. I was really negative and it was not a good start for me on the first day I started working at Lau Chin Huat. I was easily affected during work, and little things that annoyed me just made me hated having my internship here even more. That was when I wanted to opt for a change of internship placement. It’s a long story, but basically, that step I

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