Final Project Milestone One : Internship

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Final Project Milestone One: Internship Introduction We are conducting research for Harrison Kirby’s golf shop. He is now interested in having an on-line presence for his store. We will research and decide from the various types of e commerce hosting services which would be the best fit for the needs of Harrison Kirby’s local retail golfing supply business. There were certain guidelines and expectations that Harrison would be looking for in the solution we provide. The solution that a Harrisons Kirby requires would need to provide the following services. 1. The solution must be able to support a minimum of 150 products that can be sold online and either shipped to the customer or picked up in the store. 2. The solution must also have the capability to allow customers to schedule their tee times online. 3. Finally, the solution must be easy to setup, use, manage, and it must not require a large amount of hardware to be installed locally. There are several ecommerce solutions. We conduct our research and began looking at the top rated ecommerce solutions recommended. From these recommendations there were several companies’ names that always showed up on the list. These companies are Shopify, Bigcommerce and BoostMySale and EZLinks Golf LLC and Club prophet systems. All the solutions choose had the basics of what was requested however they added some additional features that we found could be a great asset in having and online presence. In our search we first

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