Interpersonal Attraction And Leadership On Employee Performance

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ABSTRACT This Review allows us to inspects the special properties of powers that military leaders use, interpersonal attraction of military members both on and off duty, and the effects of resilient leadership on employee and organizational results. This literature review serves two purposes The primary purpose is to examine the communication and organizational literature on power in order to demonstrate how numerous uses and forms of power influence employee opinions of those who lead them. The description of power can be extended to define a leader’s power in the office that they hold, leaders are often considered by their capability to make operational decisions and their skill to inspire their employees’ actions. The outcome could …show more content…

This article discusses the connection between both power and interactional dominance. Through an investigation of how perceived power and dominance is displayed in close interpersonal encounters. The results discovered that an individual’s views of power steered to more dominant communication performance during conversations with their partner. Evaluations between the insights of contributors and observers and the following implications are also discussed. This article will be used for providing support on the ideas of perceived power and dominance. Morry, M. (2007). Similarity hypothesus amoung cross-sex friends. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 109-128. Marian Morry examined the role of friendship satisfaction in perceptions of similarity in terms of relationship theories, mannerisms, also behaviors amongst cross-sex friends in three studies. The results of the first study showed that college students perceived their cross-sex friends to be similar to themselves. Interclass associations showed that these perceptions reflected a belief in the partner’s similarity to the self rather than being an exact assessment. Supporting a true attraction-similarity theory, the latter two studies established that greater friendship satisfaction predicted greater perceived friend-self similarity for traits and behaviors. While the study is not exact because it was administerd on college students, it will be benifical because the

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