Odd Couples By Anna Muraco

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In Odd Couples, Anna Muraco interviews intersectional friendships between gay men and straight women as well as straight men and lesbian women. The author is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Muraco is careful to incorporate gender, sexual preferences, and age each time she mentions interviewees. Most of the intersectional friendships involve a gay man and straight woman; however, she makes a great effort to interview friendships between a straight man and lesbian woman, though sometimes these friendships may be difficult to find. The author aims to challenge two large assumptions. The first assumption she confronts is that men and women are fundamentally different. The second assumption is …show more content…

She then identifies the importance of friendships in general and how these bonds are formed. There is discussion of same-sex, heterosexual friendships and same-sex, same orientation friendships. These topics were the precursor of delving into the discussion of intersectional friendships and how Muraco conducted this study. According to the author, intersectional friendships challenge a variety of social norms. Previous research shows that straight people who are in contact with gay men and lesbians have a favorable attitude towards them; this favorable attitude is meant as in acceptance, not tolerance. Furthermore, most of the dyad friendships interviewed were very close friends, if not best friends. In multiple cases, the gay man was often incorporated into the straight woman’s family. The straight women offer to be a surrogate mother before they themselves are married and trying for children of her own. On the contrary, Muraco further explains the stereotype that all gay couples want children. Another way that these friendships are beneficial to the individual is that they provide great financial support for each other, which is usually a familial function. The media tends to depict these intersectional friendships generally as gay men and straight women that are the best of friends who go shopping and clubbing together. Though this gender norm was common within the study, there are still other friendships that are regularly overlooked. The

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