Interpersonal Therapy Research Paper

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Depression is striking earlier and affecting more people, approximately 35 million U.S. adults have experienced it at some point in their lifetime. Giving you more insight, depression is a serious medical condition that causes many symptoms such as anger, guilt, and hopelessness. When people have what they call Mood Disorder, they lose motivation, have eating problems, and they can’t sleep. Depression is led by thought, behavior, feelings, or the self-blaming. As a way of finding treatments, people will open up to therapists. Relatives or parents usually don’t help much when you explain to them how you feel or what you think. “When persons suffering from depression explain their condition to a close relative or a parent, they are told there is nothing to worry” …show more content…

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the relationship between what people think and do, and how they feel” (Watkins 1). Each trial or session is developed to make people stronger and more effective. Their main goal is to make people more aware of their negative behavior and find their own cure bringing positive behavior. The best part about this therapy would be that it’s short-term and you will not have as many sessions as Interpersonal Therapy. Helping gain insight is the main goal for interpersonal therapy. This treatment focuses on current relationships and helping people with their relationship skills. Many causes for people being depressed, going to this therapy are from the loss of loved ones, or even divorce. Express or solving problems make this session easier to deal with. They teach people ways of interacting with others. “The therapist asks a client to consider new perspectives on themselves and their place in this world” (Braun 1). They do this as a way to show you are important and you need to just think about it in a positive

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