Interview A Former Director Of Nursing Of Fayette Medical Center

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I chose to interview a former Director of Nursing of Fayette Medical Center, Ms. Rebekah Logan, MSN, RN. I feel I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her, learn from her, and experience her leadership style. Ms. Logan now serves as Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital in North Alabama. She earned her Associate in Science in Nursing in Phil Campbell, Alabama; her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Clayton State College in Morrow, Georgia; and a Masters of Science in Nursing Administration from Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. She has served in executive hospital leadership roles as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer for the past 18 years with Tenet Healthcare, Lifepoint Hospitals. As we talked, we discussed the questions as outlined in the assignment starting with patient-centered care, barriers that may hinder it, and how it can be improved. She defined patient-centered care as “The patient being involved in their care. The patient needs to feel they are empowered to ask questions regarding their care, tests, medications, and any consultation that may be scheduled.” She stated that while at our facility our staff did a “great job” accommodating patient and family cares, comforts, and concerns. We agreed, there are times that barriers prevent fully supportive patient-centered care such as, doctors who refuse discuss patient care or concerns, short staffing, and when care management is disorganized. This can be improved by encouraging

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