Interview Essay: Coming Of Age

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Coming of Age Essay In my interview the interviewee was my dad, and he graciously took the offer of being the interviewee. One of the main moments of him “Coming of Age” was when he finished High school. After his high school life he.. had no plans for anything no plans for college, for a specific role, for anything really, as he states himself “No I did not, I just went straight to work”. He had no idea what to do with him and his 1st of 3 babies already coming, he had to do something. So the first thing he did was well searched for a job. His first job wasn’t fond, due to the fact he had to take subways, trains, and ect. just to get to his job because he had no car. so for him life wasn’t easy at all at the time. Before we continue on des…show more content…
well we can’t stop any of now, but either way i wouldn’t change a thing about his past, this is a perfect representation of Coming of Age! Anyways, during all of this when he got home from work he had nothing just an apartment with a mattress and that's it, they had barely any money nor stuff to live. But as time went on, their lives changed, now they’re in a more stable situation they enjoy life now, but it's all because they went through this part of Coming of Age! Without it they’d probably be at the same place or worse! So what exactly did we get out of this? let me tell you. What we got is, no matter what we all had to strive, and through all of the hard work we will end up in a better situation. God has a plan for us and my dad saw the plan and went through no matter how he was supposed to! I’m very VERY glad he did. Now I really don’t like to get all “OMG Romantic stuff and all that, but this is pretty funny how he met my mom. My mom and dad met at school they were Highschool sweethearts (whatever that means). Anyways but the way they meet was funny. My dad was sitting down at lunch with his friends just chowing down at this burger, that was really good apparently, and I am not just saying this he said it himself “Man it was
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