Interview Paper : Urban Conflict And Peacebuilding

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Briefing paper: Urban Conflict and Peacebuilding
Over the Global South, urban areas are developing at a remarkable pace. Vast parts of these urban centres are situated in fragile states emerging out of conflicts. Thus, it is of critical significance to understand the particulars of violent cities and what strategies is viable in avoiding conflicts and making peace in urban space.

Urban centres are presently developing at a remarkable rate across the developing countries. Individuals are relocating into urban centres more than ever. The purposes behind this development are different: range from economic benefits offered by urbans to depletion of natural resources to looking for assurance from conflicts. This quick pace of urbanization has prompted fragile urban situations - urban centres unable for giving required security, basic services, and infrastructures to an increasing number of inhabitants. It results in urban inhabitants being presented to violence and instability, destitution, health problems, natural and man-made calamities (de Boer, 2015). To manage this, consequently, understanding the connection between urbanization and conflicts as well addressing to the role of urban centres for peace and stability appeared central for various reasons. First of all, it is important to note that urban centres are key driver of development. In view of that, urban peacebuilding is appeared crucial as urbans are the epicentres of advancement and crucial for…

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