Interview Questions

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Interview Questions This page is here to help us all be prepared for the types of questions that are typically asked during an interview. We have tried to break them down into the categories listed below as best as possible. Personal Questions - Finance Questions - Accounting Questions - Other Questions [pic] Personal Questions Q. Spend 5 minutes and walk me through your resume. A. The first question you will most likely be asked. On the surface it seems like an easy question, but you will need to be clear and concise with your response. This is something you will need to practice repeatedly so that you can SUCCINCTLY talk about yourself and relate your background to the job. Try to start after you finished undergrad. and talk…show more content…
Q. What specific area are you interested in? A. Obviously you want to display an interest in some area, but also need to be able to talk in detail about that subject area so they don't think you are trying to bullshit them. If you want to work in equity research covering telecommunications you should be able to talk now (as of 12/15/2000) about how telecomm. firms are struggling and what are some of the problems they face. Q. In 1 sentence, tell me why we should hire you? A. Don't just blurt out an answer. Take your time and use commas. Q. Look outside my office. Down the right side of the building are offices of bankers that all went to Harvard Business School. Down the left side are all bankers that went to Wharton. I get hundreds of resumes every year - mostly from Harvard, Wharton, Chicago, and Columbia. There's a long track record of success here from those schools - if I take a chance on an HBS grad, and it doesn't work out, nobody will second-guess me. However, in your case, if I take a chance and you don't work out, I'll have some explaining to do about my judgment. How are you going to convince me to hire you over the hundreds of resumes I get every fall? Q. Is there anything else, that is not your resume that I should know about? A. Try to highlight personality traits. You could talk about work ethic, being a team player, and how you are an easy-going person who is great to work with. [pic] Finance Questions Q. What are the three
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