Interview, The Skills And Techniques Used, And Closure Of The Interview

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This paper will discuss the skills from the video demonstration and provide a self-assessment of the beginning of the interview, the skills and techniques used, and closure of the interview. In addition, other things that will be discussed are the general overview of the video and how I think I did and areas that I did well in and areas that still need improvement. Furthermore, the final aspect will include questions and concerns I have about the interviewing process that the instructor can answer and provide feedback for how to best approach the issues.

6.4 Skills Demonstration Video and Self-Assessment
Beginning the interview In the beginning of the interview I discussed the issue of confidentiality because in the first session I forgot to discuss it, however, I am aware this should be done at the first meeting so it does not take up additional time with my client. In addition, the process of termination was also discussed because the client needs to be aware that we will only meet for a specific time frame. Next the things that immediately need to be addressed are the priorities because my client Samantha needs housing options, utility and rent assistance, and food which are the most important needs and goals because she has four children. Furthermore, other things that will be addressed are unemployment for her husband or other employment options, childcare vouchers, and afterschool care for the older children. While doing this video, I had issues with
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