Interview With Men In Non-Traditional Roles Essay

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Men In Non-Traditional Roles

This paper takes a look into the lives of three males breaking out of their gender stereotyped roles in society. These males avoid the boundaries traditional thinking has tried to impose on them and embark on their own as what they like to call "pioneers in the men's equality movement."

Introduction: The Men
First off, this paper will introduce the three "pioneers"; changing only their names for the sake of privacy--per request. Subject 1--Arnold, is a househusband of four years. He is raising 2 children, is responsible for housework and care giving, as well as maintaining the overall balance of the …show more content…

Dale states that "teaching little boys to want to grow up to be masters of the universe is a wrong and unattainable goal setting them up for failure and by encouraging gender-neutral behavior it will allow them a better pace to interact within society." Another interesting detail about Dale's life is that his girlfriend is a construction worker, another person in a non-traditional role.

Subject 3
The last subject, Howie, has dealt with the most adversity in achieving his goals of working with children. He currently is in college to become a child therapist and considers his involvement now as "an aid in future work". However, finding a job was of great difficulty for him. He revealed that many places were quick to turn away males who wanted to be around young children; the mentality behind that he says was "They are all afraid that there will be pedophilia involved as it is not the 'norm' for young males to want to be around young children." This is a harsh reminder of where society is today. Someone devoted to children, their well-being, and over all growth process has to be rejected because of the stereotyped bias inflicted into the back of everyone's subconscious.

Bias And Role Ignorance
All three of these men have faced unnecessary ignorance from those around them. So many people in society both women and men are quick to

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