The Roles Of Men And Women Essay

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The roles of men and women in society, though they vary slightly from culture to culture, have been forged in such a way that that they have been ingrained in us, while being nothing more than a social construct, and we appear to be unable to shake them. Although we do try to be accepting of change, the very thought of an adjustment in our perceived gender roles typically results in a reaction that is a cross between a cringe for some and a furrowed brow for others. When we happen upon an event that threatens to change our views of how a man or a woman should behave, something miraculous happens. We change almost instantly into a being that is primal, thoughts come bubbling up from inside us as we involuntarily begin to correct anyone naïve enough to think that things can be different. We lash out at the person responsible for the proposed shift in our perception, whether it is through verbal communication or body language, we communicate that they have crossed the proverbial line in the sand. We are taught from a young age that boys wear blue and girls wear pink, we learn that boys play with trucks and tools and girls play with baby dolls, throughout or lives, we are reminded of the many differences between males and females. Later, we learn that men are doctors, lawyers, and bosses, and women are mothers, secretaries, and nurses. Men are in positions of power and women are incapable of leading and making decisions and it’s a man’s place to decide when and how a family

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