Intimate Relationships

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INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS Issues, theories and research Brianna Griffin Table Of Contents: 1- Strangers, Friends and Lovers: Why is life so complicated? -Picture…..Page 4 -Websites…Page 4-5 -Article……Page 5-6 -Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 6-7 2 - Self-Presentation and Self-Disclosure -Picture….Page 7 -Websites….Page 8 -Article…. Page 8-9 -Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 9-10 3- Communication and Relationship Management -Picture….Page 11 -Websites….Page 11 -Article….Page 12 -Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 12-13 4- Conflict -Picture….Page 14 -Websites….Page 14-15 -Article….Page 15 -Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 15-17 5- Dissolution and its Aftermath -Picture….Page 17…show more content…
Self-Presentation and Self-Disclosure The following two links contain websites relating to this chapter The first website focuses on self-disclosure and building trust through it. It discusses how Psychologist has known self-disclosure to be a main part of intimate relationships. “Revealing your motives, intentions, goals, values, and emotions, can increase liking and feelings of intimacy.” The website gives information on the evidence found that people who disclose their selves to other are not only able to build trust but can generate a greater cooperation and teamwork level as well. The website also states how self-disclosure done incorrectly, or in the wrong environment can be a bad thing. The second website focuses on self-presentation and impression management. This website gives information on how people use impression management during self presentation in efforts to make a “favorable impression on other people. It then described the strategies people use when doing so. The following article is one that discusses the need for affiliation in a psychological aspect of life. The article can be
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