Human Relations Theories : Knowing Yourself

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Human Relations Theories: Knowing Yourself Human relation theories communicated in this course have essential relevance and substance. Expanded themes written on self-disclosure, self-awareness and self-acceptance have shown how they can be important in one’s personal and professional life. However, unless entire populations are taught and choose to consciously apply these strategies in their interactions, an individual’s singular effort to implement is futile. It is highly unrealistic that people are motivated enough to take the necessary time and effort to learn and practice many of these ideals. While I can state that I do agree with many of the philosophies that have been noted, I do not feel that they are an ongoing functional asset to my life at this point in time. Self-Disclosure According to the writings of Reece (2014), letting myself be known by others is an area of unveiling I need to enhance. In the past, I have disclosed to others my wants and feelings, but these thoughts have not been important or made a difference to them. I am content in keeping relationships at a distance and having vague circumstantial conversations. One becomes vulnerable when they trust others. Because of past occurrences from the ill use of my personal data for opportuneness and disillusionments from professed confidences, I choose not to take this risk. Admittedly, keeping my feelings and thoughts bottled-up does produce some stress (Reece, 2014, p.165). However, dissipation of

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