Into The Storm Movie

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The Movie “Into the Storm” is an action and thriller movie written by John Swetnam, produced by Todd Garner, and directed by Steven Quale. The movie script was bought from John Swetman in October 2011by New Line Cinema, and it would be produced by Todd Garner through his production company, Broken Roads Productions. “Into the Storm” was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and premiered in theaters August 8th, 2014 ("Into the Storm - Official Movie Site). The budget for the oil was 50 million dollars, and box office has earned 162 million dollars at box office. This movie was filmed in Michigan in the cities of Detroit, Rochester, Oakland Charter Township, and Pontiac in Michigan (Chen, Sandie Angulo). The setting is a city named Silverton…show more content…
The storm chasers then take Gary to find his son at the mill and they encounter many other tornadoes along the way. When they arrive Donnie and Kaitlyn are trapped under a steel beam and they hit it with a van to move it (Into the Storm by Steven Quale). They rescue both of them and they drive back to the town of Silverton on the way back they encounter an F-5 tornado and they have to hide in a man hole under a freeway in a storm drain, and Pete risks his life by hooking the storm chasing vehicle the “Titus” to the other side and keeping it closed from blowing away in the storm And eventually it all goes calm in the eye but then the tail winds rip the Titus away. After the F-5 tornado dissipates everyone can return to Silverton and start the cleanup from the storm (Into the Storm Rotten Tomatoes). Trey and Donnie then go back and ask the citizens of the town the same question “What would you like to say to yourself in 25 years?” and they get much better replies after valuable lessons have been
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