Into The Wild: Billy's Perspective On Faith

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Billy’s perspective on faith changed throughout the novel because of certain events that occurred in his childhood. Billy learned that, “God will help those that help themselves” (Rawls 3.18). This revelation led Billy to figuring out that his parents were the wrong people to ask for the dogs, he should of asked god for the means of acquiring he dogs. Throughout the book Billy shows great determination and perseverance and his belief that, “God will help those that help themselves” (3.18) helped strengthen this value. It is also very interesting because Billy always asked God to help him acquire something or complete a task. This makes it look like he does not believe what his mother said (3.18).
“Kneeling down between my dogs, I cried and prayed ‘Please
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How a little Indian boy and girl were lost in a blizzard and had frozen to death… a beautiful red fern had grown up between their bodies. The story went to say that only an angel could plant the seed of a red fern…’” A religious theme can be seen throughout this book. At the end of the book, not only did he reach manhood but he also found his faith. When he was younger and he prayed to God for the hounds, but when he got the dogs he does not thank God for giving him the dogs. Billy often talked with his mother about God and faith, His mother’s actions reveal that she had a firm faith, when Billy brought home the money from the tournament she says that God had answered her prayers. Later on in that chapter she is also seen kneeling in front of the dog houses praying. Billy did not fully acquire his faith until he had grown
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