Into The Woods: A Short Story

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Into the Woods
“Okay, so what do you wanna do?” I asked my cousin. “ I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Giselle asked my sister, Miranda. Miranda replied, “I don’t care. Whatever.” “ Guys, we gotta do something. We’re not just gonna stand here like a couple of lunatics. Which we’re not,” I stated, firmly. “You’re right,” Giselle thought out loud. I looked around the room. My parents and relatives chatting amiable. “ I have an idea,” I looked at my cousin. Five minutes later, we were outside. Crickets chirped and the moon glistened brightly. “ I’m not sure this is good idea,” my cousin murmured, “ Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” “ …show more content…

Even in the midst of things gone bad, Miranda was funny in ways she could never imagine. A low snarl behind me made me whip my head back. A pair of yellow eyes stalked me. I screamed and ran as fast as I could, now. “ FASTER!!” I yelled. We were nearing a familiar thicket of bushes. I jumped through them, just as Giselle did, too. I landed on her, sprawled across. I heard guns unlatch their safety and fire at the animals coming from the woods. There was silence. Until, Miranda muttered, “ Status update. Almost killed by wolves.” Giselle groaned and I quickly stood up . I offered her a hand and she took it. “ Did I tell you it was a bad idea? Yes. Did you listen? No,” she ticked off the things on her fingers. “ I’m sorry.” My father approached us, “ You girls alright? I heard screams. You good kiddo?” “ Yea, Dad fine. Did they get away?” I asked, anticipating the answer. “Unfortunately, yes. We’re gonna set up an electric fence around the perimeter tonight. Those things were dangerous,” my dad replied. I nodded. Turning towards Giselle, I recalled, “ So, we learned a valuable lesson today. Never, ever, ever, listen to what I say ever,

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