Into The Woods Response Essay

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Upon walking ‘into’ Into The Woods one would say the mood was set well. The red curtain in front of the proscenium stage, the orchestra tuning their instruments, and a peculiar man standing on the side of the stage. I was prepared for the show, a water bottle and plenty of cough drops to get me through the 2 and ½ hours. What I was not prepared to see was the obvious struggles they were having that day with their own cues.
Having worked in show business since I was young, I know opening night is always the night when things go horribly wrong. I can have sympathy for them but a few of the things that were missed were outright ridiculous. When the baker was counting out the beans to Jack and they missed the fourth ‘chime’ noise, I was surprised.
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She did a very good job capturing the sass and wit we all assumed Little Red to have, along with having the character be incredibly relatable by literally stuffing her face in the beginning of the performance. Shepler’s voice in the roll was strong, but not over powering. You could pick out her voice in the chorus clearly. However, she was quiet enough that you were able to hear everyone else. I think she could have played a little bit more with the wolf in her duet, as she really just ignored him. Nevertheless, it still looked…show more content…
The actors and actresses did well in their assigned rolls and I wish I could congratulate them on finishing the run. They worked together very well in all of the group musical numbers regardless of how hard they can be to coordinate at times. If I had to rate this performance of the musical it would get a 9/10. The acting, singing, costumes and costume changes, scenery and of course, the plot, are all wonderful and this is a must see. The only thing lacking was the cues and lighting, the use of the gobos was lacking and there was not as much color change as I would have enjoyed
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