Intra-Organizational Collaboration Essay

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Intra-organizational Collaboration
Organizations need to recognize the necessity to flatten hierarchical structures. In creating a horizontal structure leaders naturally acquire a greater ability to adapt. Leaders need to have an intensive focus on people. Recognizing the need to tie both compensation and advancement potential with individual’s ability to function in a T-shaped management style. Organizations need to be willing to change the way they hire in order to promote intra-organizational collaboration. Horizontal organizations require the establishment of high performance teams that have legitimate decision-making power. Leaders must be on board and willing to walk the talk as it relates to creating a team centric
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Without trust you cannot lead. Without trust you cannot get extraordinary things done.” (Kouzes & Posner, 2007, pg. 224) Building a team is necessary because it allows leaders to essentially flatten their organizational structures. In doing so leaders all but eliminate delays in responding to customers needs. Organizations also increase the intellectual diversity of their organizations by including constituents in the decision making process. “The key design principle here is to maximize the “surface area” of the organization by connecting as many employees as possible with the external environment.” (Lawler & Worley, 2009, pg. 197)
Collaboration requires Collaborative People.
Collaborative organizations foster environments were collaboration and innovation supersedes managing established practice. Leaders don’t have to make changes that affect the course of history but they do need to find innovative ways to foster an environment that can easy question the status quo. (Kouzes &Posner, 2007, pg. 183) Leadership needs to retool recognition and incentive programs to reward innovation rather than the status quo. “The war for talent should not be about stars of all kinds but about T-shaped stars.” (Hansen, 2009, pp. 97) Organizations that espouse towards a truly collaborative environment seek innovation and collaboration at all levels. This extends to the process of attracting talent to the organization. Innovative leaders want to
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